It's summer 2011 and teenage convict Lola is anxiously waiting to come out of prison. She has spent the last few lonely years wondering why her mum refused to visit her. Today is finally the day she must face her mother and try to undo the hurt and shame she has inflicted on her family. However, Lola is already in the wrong place at the wrong time, as today is the second day of the London Riots where the streets and shops are loaded with temptation and chaos.


Ronan arrested
Ronan is apprehended by the police

Having a brother who has been heavenly influenced by London’s negative underbelly, Director Rohan Green took it as a personal responsibility to play his part on highlighting the subject matter of youth reoffenders. Thus the idea of Home Economics was created.

Rebecca and Tolu
Rebecca and Tolu get ready for another take

Home Economics is a short youth awareness film developed with the help of young people on the British Council Youth In Action Program. Rohan Green and his team set out to create a powerful short drama that highlights the pressures that young people face straight out of prison. The film aims to encourage individuals to take responsibility of their own actions by appreciating the very freedoms we all take for granted. There comes a time in life where we all have to choose between what is right and what is easy.

For more information about youth offending charities or Youth In Action projects, click on the links below: Trailblazers Design Council Youth-in-action


Tolu Laywioya


Tolu studied performing Arts at De Monfort University. She returned from working on the prequel Physical Education, ready to take the character of Lola Olademeji to the next level. After completing H.E Tolu has now started developing her own creative writing projects.

Harry Lobek


Harry Lobek is a graduate of Drama Studio London gaining a DADA Award in the process. Harry was asked to dig deep into his families semi Irish roots to prepare for this role, producing a convincing portrayal of Irish ‘good for nothing’ Ronan Duff. Ronan showed exceptional commitment even driving around a beaten up hero car throughout the production.

Anna Nguyen


Anna Nguyen studied collaborative and devised theatre at the Central School of Speech and Drama. She was asked to roll back the years by revisiting the loud yet unconventional role of Crystal Shan. Crystal accepted and nailed the challenge, rolling back the years as if it was 2010 all over again.

Rebecca Barry


At 10 years old Rebecca Barry provided Director Rohan Green with what is to date the most impressive audition he is yet to witness. Thus she easily captured the role of Faith Duff. Rebecca then went on to bring a youthful energy to set, whilst also performing with a maturity and consistency way beyond her years.



Multi Award winning filmmaker Rohan Green has always had a passion for making powerful moving films. He has a proven track record of directing slick yet intense material. He believes in lifelong learning as you are never too young to challenge yourself or too old to learn something new. Rohan also loves training and inspiring young people, helping them to learn new skills and improve their own media prospects.


Oriana started off in the field of Law before moving towards working as a Producer, Associate Producer and Production Manager in both feature and short films. She is always looking for exciting new projects to work on and H.E proved to be just that!

cinematography bySCOTT SANDFORD

Scott started out as an actor before working in the camera-assisting route in Toronto, Canada before becoming a photographer in London. His skills on Home Economics proved invaluable in helping to create stunning images and consistently high production values for the film.


Thomas graduated from his digital film-making course in 2010 and decided his heart was in post-production. Since then he has edited many formats for a range of clients, his specialty being narrative-driven drama and comedy. Thomas joined the H.E team and immediately helped create a slick emotive pace to the story through editing.


Aisling Brouwer is a London-based composer who specialises in music for film and television. Distinguished by her extensive training in both classical and contemporary music - with a degree in Songwriting, Music and Film Studies and an MA in Composition. Aisling came on board to create a powerful climactic score for the pivotal Home Economics scene.


Tolu and Harry
Tolu and Harry
Street chase